Welcome to the East Coast Racing

We are using stracker works as a standalone server-side application, Assetto Corsa drivers are encouraged to use the app ptracker. We are also using minorating a iRating system.

Racing Rules and Procedures

It is the responsibility of all drivers to read and understand these basic rules:

  • Be courteous race unto others as you would have them race unto you.
  • Be patient the race is not won by passing everyone on the first lap!
  • Blue flag means: MOVE OVER! Do it safely in the first opportunity you have.
  • Always use your mirrors, this is not a rally, you are not alone.
  • Connect to Our Discord Server @ Discord
  • optional display of stracker messages
  • send detailed lap information to stracker

Project homepages

Minorating homepage
ptracker and stracker homepage
ptracker documentation and FAQ
stracker documentation and FAQ